Marriages in India happens between two families and not just two people isn’t it?. If you fell for someone from a entirely different caste, religion or state then trust us you’re in for a ride for life indeed.

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Here are ten reasons on why intercultural marriages in India are insanely awesome;
1).  You will become smarter and more tolerant for real. It is proven that people become broad-minded, liberal in outlook and tolerant when exposed to a different culture.


2). You will get to marry the same person twice in two different venues and in two different costumes.


3). You will get to learn more about different cultures  and move around in a different social circle. Thereby life becomes adventurous for you never know what next day might bring isn’t it!?


4). You get to celebrate more festivals and life becomes a joyous ride with oh-so many special days in a year.


5). You will get to try new cuisines on a regular basis. Be it a new recipe or trying out an old one differently options multiply on a large scale.


6). Life can never be boring for whenever you need to pause; you can head to your in-laws place, break the monotony of life and enjoy an awesome vacation.


7). People will look up to the duo and tag them as people who love each other despite their differences. You become the couple who loved each other despite their culture or religion boundaries.


8). You will learn a new language and soon will become accustomed to expressing your thoughts in the same.  Speaking more than one language is like body building for the brain and makes you smarter, states science.


9). Your kids will be smarter and will learn the nuance of moving around with different people easily. This will make them more creative and social.


10). To top it all, you will get to be with the person you love for the rest of your life. Isn’t that reason enough? If you fit together all snug and tight like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle why bother what anyone else has to say!?


At the end of the day all that matters is the people you loved and the life you lived. Nothing else!. What say? Let us know what you think?

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