10 Joys Of Traveling In A Local Bus

We know sometimes, travelling in a local bus can get really difficult especially when you have annoying kids and snoring old men as co passengers. But on the flip side, there are so many perks and benefits.


10. It is easy on the pocket

If you have spent a lot yesterday going local can help save money

easy on the pocket local bus


9. You meet different kinds of people with different kinds of smells

different kinds of people with different kinds of smells


8. Your co-passenger could be a really cute girl too.

bus new passengers meeting


7. You can push people and get away with it

Now thats what we call sadistic pleasure


6. You can peep into others cars & enjoy the view.

peep in other cars bus


5. You don’t have to park once you reach your destination. Neither do you have to give directions



4. So you can sleep all throughout and ask the conductor to wake you up

and if doesn’t – he can always drop you back

bus sleeping gif


3. In case you don’t find a seat or out of chivalry you have to let go off it, it becomes a way of burning extra calories


2. Seeing people fight for petty things like seat and money can be really amusing.

and can remind you of politics

Bus fight gif


1. You can experience ground reality.

Yes indeed. There are so many Indians using public transport, travelling for hours, going back home after a tiring days of work, getting into the bus with kids – life is not as easy as it looks. Get into the bus and see for yourself.

 experience ground reality crowded bus


Let us know your experiences of travelling in local buses.