10 Reasons Why Ekta Kapoor Is More Powerful Than God

Ekta Kapoor, Indian TV and film producer is the Joint Managing Director of Balaji Telefilms. Daughter of actor Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor, she sure is famous, but here are our reasons why she is the reigning queen of India Television Industry


1. Ekta Brought People Out Of The Grave

Ekta killed people who made her unhappy. She later gave them a second chance and got them back with a prettier face. (plastic surgery)

Baa-Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi


2. Pray to God and nothing changes, pray to Ekta and voila you have a new life

Smriti Irani would totally agree with us.

Ekta Kapoor & Smriti Irani


3. Ekta is the cupid God

A lot of people are grateful to Ekta for helping them find their spouses / girlfriends. But Well Well Well.. a few are blaming her too.

Hiten Tejwani & Gauri Pradhan Source:


4. The bahus went to God crying, tortured by their saasu maas, Ekta taught them how to poison milk, create mishaps and take revenge. Cheers Ekta

10 Reasons Why Ekta Kapoor Is More Powerful Than God


5. God watched people succeeding and failing, Ekta made it happen.

A lot of individuals in the television industry owe their career to Ekta and a lot of individuals’ career went down because they refused to listen to aunty Ekta. 😛

Mihir Virani-Amar Upadhyay


6. People do not find time to visit the temple in their busy schedules but they do manage to catch up the K-soaps on TV.

Kasam Se-Prachi Desai


7. Ekta’s forehead mark looks more trendy than that of the goddesses of Indian mythology.

forehead mark 10 Reasons Why Ekta Kapoor Is More Powerful Than God


8. Ekta is a goddess and she lives on Earth – she is glamorous, graceful, bold and haughty.

Ekta Kapoor powerful woman


9. And She Can Even Make Dead People Talk

Ekta even made the photoframe of a dead lady to talk in the very popular TV serial Hum Paanch.

Hum Paanch-Ekta Kapoor



10. We do not know whether god exists, but Ekta definitely does.

She has featured in the Forbes list of most powerful woman. She was chosen ‘Asia’s most powerful communicators’ by Asia Week magazine. She has reinvented the Indian Television. Way to go Ekta – no matter what others say we are so proud of you!

10 Reasons Why Ekta Kapoor Is More Powerful Than God