10 Things About Campus Life That Can Make Your Heart Squeal “Oh Yeah”

10 Things that you did on campus which you will can never do again

We are loaded with memories when we think about the fun we had on campus during college days. Here are top 10 things that we think you did when you were on campus..


1. Midnight Maggi

When the night gets darker and the examination stress elevates, what is that something which can boost up your moral .. maggi oh yeah !!



2. Roomies

He snores, she bores, he itches, she bitches, but cmon, in your really highs and really lows they are the ones who make you say ‘oh yeah I am fine’



3. Ghar Ka Khaana

You might not know him, but if you have smelled his ghar se aaya khaana – you have earned it. And your tummy squeals with happiness ‘oh yeah’

food gif


4. Exam night

Like DJ night, or new year’s night, this festival is celebrated in style. You cry, you shout, you beg, you sleep. And when it is over you can say ‘oh yeah what a relief’.

exam night gif


5. Sportoholocis

From cricket to pool, badminton to squash – oh yeah you can surely satiate your athletic hunger

cricket-Sportoholocis gif


6. Movie Marathon

Weekends and week nights, from night haunting movies to romantic comedies – you download upload watch and talk. From goose bumps to tears and laughter galore – and what do you exclaim when its over –  Oh Yeah we had fun!



7. Free ka gyaan.. free ki gaali

Beep and beep, why did you beep, did you actually beep? Oh you beep. And here is more beep. Chal ab sun meri baat – life is a narrow tunnel with light in the end samajh aaya? ji haan (oh yeah)

wtf gif


8. Lovers Point

You have to really really have to meet her everyday – your heart is pumping and the pockets dampening. So find your love spot on campus – a place that’s not frequented by many singles but you can find a lot of doubles. Now that’s what we call a perfect place – low on budget, high on time, and you both can keep going – oh no oh yeah

Lovers Point-Leonardo Di Caprio


9. Slathers of booze and oodles of grass

You enter the campus dry and sober “beta daaru nahi peena.” oh yeah dad, but you succumb to peer pressure – its only when you leave you decide to go slow because it is obviously no fun anymore.



10. Chock full memories and bulging memory drive

Every single day on campus is eventful, from pranks to fights, to parties to lectures – you have enjoyed every instant and would love to savor it – a part of it enters your memory drive as pictures and videos, text and audios – but most of it remains within; as they say : the best things about memories is making them. OH YEAH



Inshort Campus life Will Always Be The Best..OH YEAHHHH !