10 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Married

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While most of our friends are getting married or engaged, some of us are still stuck deciding the course of our career or learning to cope up with hangovers 😀 . But it is necessary to keep in mind that there’s indeed a whole new life out there without marriage being a part of the same equation.

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Here are the ten things that top the bucket list of stuff to be done pre-marriage,



1) Learn to live alone, for living alone will make sure you endure in-numerous number of struggles and hardships thereby making you a whole person.

Try living alone at least for a month before you tie your knot.



2) Find and keep the job you love. Work hard, will make-up for everything you lost in life.

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3) Learn to save money for having tons and tons of money to spend on; fulfilling your desires is awesome, too awesome for words.



4) Find and pursue a skill that you always wanted to do in life. Be fearless and having fun in doing the same.



5) Grow a pet, be it a dog or a cat, having someone to welcome you; home is cool.



6) Pre-marriage; party all you want, for the night is always young.



7) Spend time with your parents. It’s time to pay back people, buy them stuff they’ve always wanted like a book or a shirt.



8) Travel alone for this will give your beautiful experiences as well as great memories.

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9) Spend time in pursuing your hobbies for this is the time to actually sit down and doll on it.



10) And make sure you attend a concert to see your favorite band performing. This can broaden your perspective on life as well as rubbing shoulders with like-minded will give you a great edge.



So yes guys please strike out the wedding plans as of now, and purse these for there’s so much to do! 😀