11 Things Every Mumbaikar Does During Monsoon


Monsoon is special for every Mumbaikar, after the scorching heat this brings a lot of relief and with it some common things only Mumbaikars do. You would relate to each of the things listed below only if you are a true Mumbaikar.


1) Eating Bhutta- Bhutta is a sign of monsoon and we all love to eat the roadside Bhutta with Nimbu and Masala.

smalll girl eating corn on the cob


2) Chai and Pakode- Snacks time in monsoon is special that cutting chai gets a companion in the form of hot pakoda’s.



3) Mumbai’s unpredictable rains always make you wonder whether to wear that light coloured clothes or not.



4) Visit seaside- We Mumbaikar’s love visiting sea side at any time and when its monsoon a visit becomes mandatory.

Sea side


5) Skipping office/school/college at least once because ‘It was raining too heavily’.



6) Walk miles in knee deep water.



7) Curse all means of transport while keeping faith in only one- Mumbai’s Lifeline.



8) We lose them and often find umbrella’s lost by others.



9) Mumbaikar’s are famous for sharing whether it’s a train seat or a Rickshaw, then why not an Umbrella?

Indians huddle together under an umbrella as they cross a road


10) Slipping or falling and then laughing at your own self.

Slipping & falling
11) Above all we thoroughly enjoy every bit of it.