12 Biggest Lies Every Indian Is Made To Believe In

People lie often, most probably on dire occasions or when the need for the same arises and more often than necessary, it’s all just a question of why?

Stretching the truth is just a natural component of human instinct because it’s the easy way out of many things we have to face in life. But these lies have no personal motive behind them nor, cover any good cause. Most of them come under puffery and marketing strategies.

Here are some of the biggest lies that every Indian is made to believe in, right from childhood !


1. Apply Fair & Lovely and you’ll become white again..!



2. Maggi Noodles – Just 2 minutes

maggi noodles 2 minutes


3. This is IRONY at its best.

10th std exam board exam


4. Like IIT is your one-way ticket to heaven !

IIT India


5. Engineering Is Everything!

Engineering India


6. Yeah, this is far worse than IRONY.



7. Just like, all toothpastes do. *grin*

Oral b whitens your teeth


8. Every Teacher’s AG-MARK dialogue.

Indian Class Teachers Boman Irani 3 Idiots


9. This one-liner is something, every Indian is familiar with.

shopping women India


10. Yeah, ‘JUST-A-FRIEND’.

She is just my friend Mom Ranbir Kapoor Katrina Kaif Neetu Singh


11. Oh yeah?

All Indians are my brothers and sisters


12. No comments.

Salman Khan virgin


Let us know if you can curate more , such as these !!