Creativity plays an important role when it comes to manning a business and if the food business is theme-based’ it goes unsaid that the customers would be more attracted towards the theme in itself. Let’s have a look at some of the most unusual and pretty hip restaurants from around the world,


1Ninja New York.

Location: – New York City, USA.

  • This Ninja themed restaurant is quite famous for all its tricks and theatrics.
  • Ninja performances happen here on a daily basis.


2Redwoods Treehouse

Location : – Warkworth, New Zealand.

  • The seating area of the restaurant is situated 32 feet above ground level.
  • This can be booked only for a minimum of 30 guests.
  • The elevated treetop walkway is built of redwood milled on site and is buzzed to be a delight to walk on.


3Eat, The silent restaurant.

Location:- Brooklyn, NY.

  • The restaurant is quite famous for its ‘silent dinners’.
  • The founder of the restaurant is said to have taken inspiration from a Buddhist monastery in India with the idea of making people enjoy the essence of food in complete harmony.
  • During a ‘silent’ meal, nobody is allowed to talk after they place the order.


4Ithaa- The Undersea Restaurant.

Location : – Rangali island, Maldives.

  • The restaurant is located 5 metres below sea level in the Republic of Maldives.
  • It offers the customers a spectacular 270 degree view of the Indian ocean.


5New Lucky Restaurant – Sleep With The Dead

Location : – Ahmedabad, India.

  • The restaurant is built on a graveyard wherein people get to dine with live graves around.
  • It is mimed to highly affordable and has friendly staff.


6O.NOIR – Dining in the dark?

Location : – Toronto, Canada.

  • This restaurant was one of the pioneers in introducing- Dining in the dark.
  • Flashlights, cellphones, and luminous watches are prohibited in the premises.
  • The evening starts in a lit bar where guests place their orders; and are led by a server into an unlit dining room.
  • The two-hour seated dinner takes place only in the dark.
  • Dining here is considered one of the most novel experiences.


7BLINDEKUH – Blind or Impaired Waiter Serve You

Location : – Switzerland.

  • Blindekuh is mimed to be a dark themed restaurant.
  • The public are serviced by blind or impaired waiters.
  • No light sources are allowed inside the restaurant.


8Bubble room.

Location : – Captiva Island, Florida.

  • This restaurant is loaded with toys and wallpapers.
  • Even the waiters are referred to as- bubble scouts and adorn themselves in crazy hats.
  • Moving trains are on all three floors and photographs of old-time movie scenes and stars are the highlights of the cafe.


9Modern Toilet.

Location: – Taipei City, China.

  • The dishes are served on non-working basin shaped seats in toilet bowl-shaped dinnerware.
  • This bathroom themed eatery is said to be quite a hit with the youth in China.


10Robot Restaurant.

Location : – Tokyo, Japan.

  • As the name suggests, the name is entirely serviced by robots.
  • The layout also consists of strobe lights and scantily clad dancers.


11D.S Music Restaurant.

Location : – Taipei.

  • It is a entirely hospital themed restaurant.
  • The waitresses are dressed as nurses and even beer is served in an I.V.


12Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant.

Location :- Philippines.

  • This resto is located under the famous Labasin waterfall.
  • The guests can have the unique experience of water flowing through whist dining.


So which ones midst these are you gonna try? Let us know!