13 Mouth Watering Punjabi Dishes That Every Punjabi Cannot Live Without

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” – Alan D. Wolfelt

Nothing can beat the sumptuous and finger-licking food cuisine of the Punjabis. Though there are many notches like oodles of ghee or the many calories that come with it, there’s nothing that can ease our hunger like Punjabi cuisine.



Unless you indulge in a Punjabi meal you wouldn’t agree on the fact that Punjabi food is a lot more than various spices put together. They taste good no matter from where you eat them, be it the road-side stalls or the fancy Dhabas they are still awesome isn’t it?



Here are top 13 sumptuous Punjabi dishes that are actually good enough to make your life worth living,


1. Butter Chicken.

This tops the list of Punjab’s favorites. Though it is high in calories and contains huge dollops of butter; the creamy taste and thickness is simply too irresistible.

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2. Sweet Lassi.

Lassi is the most favorite drink of Punjabis. It is made from beaten curd and milk. It is reamed to be a healthy drink as it does not contain any artificial flavors and is usually served in tall steel glasses. This is a must-have drink from Punjab.



3. Makki di Roti.

This is the most traditional dish of Punjab and is highly nutritious because it is made of mustard leaves that contain a lot of iron and protein. Along with mustard leaves, spinach is also added which further enhances the nutritional value and taste of saag. This is traditionally served with huge amounts of ghee and butter.



4. Tandoori Chicken.

Though Tandoori Chicken is available everywhere and in various forms if you haven’t had the traditional Punjabi Tandoori Chicken, it means you are missing out on life. The thick gravy with the mouth-watering smell of the spices will make sure that you lick your plate clean and leave you yearning for more.



5. Rajma Chawal

Rajma is one of the favorite main course dishes of all Punjabi’s irrespective of age. It is served with steaming hot boiled rice called chawal. This is a trademark Punjabi dish that will never go out of fashion.



6. Dal Makhni

This is Punjabi Dhal flavored with a generous dollop of desi white cream or makhan that will dissolve so perfectly with it and offer a sumptuous meal, that only Punjabi cuisine can offer.



7. Kadhi Chawal

This has specially made pakoras to go with it and is just another delicacy that you must taste atleast once in a life time. The sourer it is the better! Kadhi patta adds just the right amount of tanginess to it and gives it a wholesome touch.



8. Aaalo Parantha

This tops the lists of favorite Punjabi breakfast. Make sure you visit a dhaba to savor the real taste of this popular Punjabi dish. When coupled with a generous amount of Makhan, this comes straight from heaven.



9. Paneer Tikka

No other starter can beat Paneer Tikka! Paneer tikka is made in the traditional tandoors which lends it a smoky charcoal flavor. This is indeed a perfect starter. Make sure, you don’t miss out on trying this at any cost.



10. Gajar Ki Halwaa.

This is traditionally trademarked Punjabi dessert at its best. This mouth-watering and lip-smacking dish made from carrots, sugar and ghee is perfect for all those who have a sweet tooth and is best served hot.



11. Chhole Bature.

This is deeply fried Bature served alongside Chenna and is traditionally served with onions and lemons. The signature mark of this dish is that it will end up making you feel full.


12. Masala Channa.

This is boiled chickpeas that’s wrapped in a flavorful mix of masalas and cooked to delicacy and is indeed, the most sought after option owing to less making time.



13. Murgh Malaiwala.

This is a surprisingly no oil; no ghee Punjabi recipe that is made of soft & tender chicken pieces cooked in a blend of masalas, milk and cream and is the most perfect & healthy option for dinner. This is best paired with Naan and rotis and will leave you feeling full and happy.



Tell us which among-st these, is your favourite?