15 Irritating Problems Every Girl Can Relate To

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Here are a few irritating problems faced by every Indian girl that may appear timid and silly to the man world, but please get it straight that they’re not easy to crack either ( nah nah nah nah 😀 )

15 Irritating Problems Every Girl Can Relate To


1. MOM: “No one will marry you if your rotis aren’t round enough!”

1Oh yeah, our romantic aspects are decided by culinary expertise isn’t it?


2. Can’t laugh loudly over phone calls for there are chances of people thinking you’re on call with your beau.



3. Having to serve tea and snacks to guests only to listen to long lectures about poor career choices, domestic skills and weight management.



4. Not being able to hit on cute guys for they’re committed, engaged or married. ( duh -.-)



5. Not being able to do something just because your parents won’t approve of it.



6. Being forced to answer a multitude of questions every time you ask permission to go out, ‘where are you going?’ ‘With whom are you going?’, ‘how will you go?’ ‘when will you reach?’ ‘Who will be there?’, ‘How will you get back?’, ‘When will you get back?’, and so on.



7. And OMG the most important, are boys invited too?



8. Having to endure ‘when I was your age’ lectures at least twice or thrice every week.



9. Getting quizzed often on ‘when are you going to get settled?’, ‘When are you going to marry?’



10. And yes amongst the worst of the worst are the neighborhood aunties who make a living out of stalking us.



11. Not being allowed to party post 8pm.



12. Having to indulge in dishes regularly that turn your nail colors to a tinge of yellow.



13. Being forced to change privacy settings once you add a family member on FB.



14. Coping up with your dupatta getting stuck everywhere and anywhere, like door knobs, nails and what not?



15. Forced into being presentable anytime; still having to listen to condescending comments about manners and everything under the sun.



Every girl aspires to get out of these cracks; still this is a part and parcel of growing up.



Learn to take it in your stride and make sure you enjoy as you’re being forced to endure it 😀