15 Quotes Of Ravi Shastri That Proves He Is The Cliche King Of Cricket Commentary

Ravi Shastri is the highest paid commentator and one of the shrewdest cricketing minds ever. Though we all know he has an habit of repeating the same things again and again, we have to admit that every great & historic moment in Indian cricket in the past 2 decades has been with his voice in the background.

He sounds cliche many times but every time when he sits on the commentary box, we feel that something never happened before is going to happen.

Here are 15 mindblowing quotes from Ravi Shastri that we ll never forget because this is going to go down the wire!


1. Isn’t that obvious?

Ravi Shastri quotes


2. Oh..but everyone needs to play well to win..Right?

Ravi Shastri quotes


3. We thought they will score goals.

Ravi Shastri quotes


4. We hope the Pressure Cooker doesn’t explode.

Pressure Cooker


5. His Signature Quote..but the doctor never orders..He prescribes!

Tracer bullet His Signature Quote


6. The way he tells this line is unforgettable.

Edged and taken


7. Everything is CRUCIAL!

Everything is CRUCIAL Ravi Shastri quotes


8. Basically you can never write off India.

you can never write off India ravi shastri quotes


9. Well, that very harsh.

Harbhajan Singh Hooker Ravi Shastri Quotes


10. And here we thought that pitches are mandatory.

Malinga Ravi Shastri Quotes


11. What a description for Robin Uthappa.

Robin Uthappa Ravi Shastri Quotes


12. Then why you think Pujaara is playing cricket for?

Pujara Ravi Shastri Quotes


13. Oh..we thought Dale Steyn was an leg spinner. LOL!

Dale Steyn was a batsman


14. When Sachin scored 200 in a One Day Match…

Sachin scored 200 in a One Day Match

#And Our Favorite


15. The famous line that no Indian will ever forget..

15 Quotes Of Ravi Shastri That Proves He Is The Cliche King Of Cricket Commentary


Inspite of some of his cliches, we think that there is no other commentator in the world who has such energy and enthusiasm like Ravi Shastri. We Salute You Sir!