10 Things Vegetarians Are Tired Of Dealing With

Shahid Kapoor vegetarian

Listed below are some of the dumbest things that every vegetarian would be tired of hearing;



1) Where do you get your proteins from?


Contrary to popular belief even pulses, nuts and grains have proteins too; little do people know about the same.


2) You don’t know what you’re missing in life.


And you’ll be like, ‘if you prefer to live your life to the fullest only by eating meat then am sure it is pathetic’.


3) Is it okay if I eat meat in front of you?


Yeah I have grown up in a world where most of them eat in KFC’s and MCD’s so it’s okay; if only you can stop asking me often about the same.


4) So what do you actually eat? What’s your diet?

4Oh just the same as yours, except that you need to take out all the meat!! 😀


5) What about eggs? I believe you don’t even have eggs.


Yeah, you better believe it.


6) Will you eat meat if you’re offered a million bucks for the same?


How about NO-NO ?


7) What will you do if you’re stuck in an island all alone?



8) And the most tragic of all that is, being forced to pay the same as others who eat meat.



9) Or when you are forced to stick to only salad, for that’s the only vegetarian option in menu.



10) Also, living with ‘friends’ who try to make you meat by faking them.


So you end up refusing everything they offer.


11) People stating ‘I tried being vegetarian once; but dint work out’


And yeah I can never eat meat too, So you do your thingy I will do mine. How about some peace and quiet?


12) ‘Take the gravy at least, avoid the piece’.


No thanks, I would rather starve myself.


13) ‘Just pick off chicken and mutton pieces from the pizza and have the base’.


Oh God!!


14) ‘This is delicious come on try once, please at least for me’.


When are you ever going to learn to take ‘NO’ for an answer?


15) And the most irritating one of all ‘You look so well considering you’re a vegetarian’.


It annoys me because half the time I don’t know if it’s a crack on me or a compliment & it also annoys me that they presume vegetarians to be underweight and lanky.