16 Moments That Show The Power Of Human Spirit During The Chennai...

16 Moments That Show The Power Of Human Spirit During The Chennai Rains

16 Moments That Show The Power Of Human Spirit During The Chennai Rains

Our so called National channels are busy broadcasting political scams, truth behind murders, Intolerance- tolerance craps, Bollywood actor/actress oops moment and completely ignoring the worst scenario in this part of the world in 100 years.

Yes, Chennai is in waters and facing the worst flood situation in 100 years. But Chennai showed us humanity is still very much alive. Here are 16 moments of incredible humanity which shows the power of human spirit during the Chennai rains.

Here’s a reminder of how special the Chennai city is:


1. People lift an elderly woman who could not walk.

Chennai Floods


2. Ever helping Army



3. A man protecting an unknown woman with a kid.



4. Chennai is beautiful because they treat animals equally.



5. And there is no gender based discrimination.

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6. They are united.



7. Some humans who deserve a salute.10


8. People eating in harmony.



9. Even dogs are important.

Chennai Floods


10. These people did free recharge for everyone.




11. Every life is important.



12. Policemen and Swimmers helping distressed people.




13. Chennai is full of heroes.



14. And more heroes.



15. It has a big heart.



16. And humanity survives.



Now, this is what fills us with Hope. Hats Off Chennai !


#‎ChennaiRains‬ have turned bad today and more areas have been flooded. Here’s how you can help:
If you are not in Chennai, you can help by spreading this post.

• This page is a great source for those who can help with any provisions or volunteer efforts:

• This google sheet helps to find places to stay:

• This map is a crowdsourced map on which areas of Chennai are flooded

• Relief centres from Chennai Corporation: