20 Best Things About A Father

Fathers pretend to be tough but are really soft from within. They are really cute creatures on earth. Here is our list of 20 reasons why we love our dad.


1. You can settle arguments without violence.

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2. He knows a lot of famous people and can’t stop gloating about it but we totally love this habit of his

20 Best Things About A Father


3. You love his cute teddy bear hugs..

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4. He is terrific at mathematics, accounting, banking and wants you to be good at it as well..

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5. He will give you the most sensible gift on your birthday – Money

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6. He takes you to the hospital even if you have cold

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7. He gets gifts for you from wherever he travels

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8. He talks intelligent because he reads newspaper everyday

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9. He happily clicks pictures while the whole family poses in front of the camera

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10. He raised you to be independent but will never let you fall

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11. He thinks festival means family

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12. He pretends to be mature but is a kid at heart



13. He knows you were wrong but will wait for you to come and say

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14. He tucks you inside your blanket and switches off your light everyday

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15. He never woke up grumpy no matter what

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16. He wants the best for you, not just average or mundane

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17. He instilled in you the value of honesty and handwork

dad-The Pursuit of Happiness


18. He took your friends out for dinner sometimes


19. He hides your secrets from mom once in a while.

Father Daughter Dance

20. He will always comfort you don’t worry we will get through this

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