20 Cool Ways To Charm Your Girl

20 Cool Ways to Charm Your Girl

Dear Men and Boys,

Are you trying hard to sweep your girlfriend/wife off the feet but in vain? Does she always grumble because apparently you haven’t understood her well in spite of your sincere efforts? If the answer to the above catechism is affirmative; we welcome you to the family of hopelessness. You are in deep trouble mister and we are of course… Happy to Help! 🙂


Here we list down 20 ways to charm a girl. P.S – she & we recommend you to make notes.


1. Think Old Fashion

Composing love letters, going for a long slow walk, knocking on the door before entering her room, pulling out the chair/door, using bountiful ‘Sorry’s’ & ‘Thank You’s’, getting down on the knee to propose; women absolutely love such gestures and don’t listen when they say ‘You don’t need too; because trust me, they are absolutely loving it.

TITANIC (1997)


2. Add Drama

Next time when she asks you ‘How’s life’, tell her ‘You look fine’ or gift her a pack of band-aids after you picked up a fight, use lines from her favorite movie. Add romance, drama, comedy, music, dance; ensure she is living a movie every day.

Do you like me


3. Let her win

Tell her – ‘You are way stronger than me’,  ‘Yes, lets go to your favorite restaurant’, ‘If you love beaches, then beach it is’ – women are addicted to victory; they love it when you become vulnerable or powerless in front of them and them only. So even if you aren’t, you can always pretend to be.

Le her win


4. Don’t play hard-to-get

That’s her role; not yours. You have to display love & affection through your flirtatious behavior and let her enjoy ignoring your attempts; deep down she is relishing all the attention.

Play hard to get


5. Compliments can go a long way

Praise her for who she is, admire her for her efforts, commend her for the little things she does for you; women love to be recognized. And here comes the masterstroke that will cover up for all your bad habits; ‘There are so many things to learn from you, sweetheart’



6. Be a dog

A GOOD ONE we meant; who loyally guards his master, enthusiastic and unconditional all the time.

Go fetch


7. Invest time, energy & money; all in the same order


Gone are the days when all women wanted was to max up the limits of your credit card; they have their own now. You need to gift them your time and spend energy; remembering things, understanding her demands and of course you can’t afford to be totally cleaned out as well.


8. Shopping

shopping boy and girl

Not hers dear, she can very well do her shopping with her girlfriends; we are talking about yours. Wisdom is to allow her to take charge. Read point 7.


9. Love her loved ones (but stay away from her hot best friend)

Her parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, sisters, brothers, dogs, cats, stuffed bears and pandas (apparently stuffed bears & pandas are living things); you have got to love them all.

baby with teddy bear


10. Celebrations

Rose Day

You meet expectations if you remember her birthday. But you exceed expectations only if you wish her; women’s day, hugs day, rose day, kiss day, children’s day, chocolate’s day and occasional good mornings, good nights and happy Sundays.


11. From sex to cuddly romance


Women love to cuddle up with their partners, and can spend hours talking silly. Your role would be to nod occasionally, respond with hmmns and soft kisses, hold her hands while sleeping; and your snores will definitely be forgiven.


12. Surprises


Surprises tickle women pink; small things like asking her to close her eyes and planting a kiss can do wonders.


13. Make her feel she is in charge.

alia bhatt and arjun kapoor

From shopping (read Point No8) to financial planning to issues pertaining to social relationships; make her feel she is in charge. Okay can you pretend at least?


14. Do not laugh when your friend cracks a joke on his wife/girlfriend


Gags and antics on wives and girlfriends are totally outdated and they can offend your partner to a vast extent. Hence, DO NOT.


15. Share yourself


Your old friend just called up or your boss praised you in front of the entire team; acquaint your wife/girlfriend with all the current happenings; she will feel loved and involved and you will feel safe and sound.


16. Talk less *let her do the talking please*

talk less

Women love to talk; about almost everything and anything. So keep shut and let her prattle.


17. Cut out the photo-phobia; selfies are totally up-to-the-minute


Romantic poses in the hackneyed habitats of the city…well well well….you want her happy, you asked for it.


18. Facebook check-ins /whatsapp status messages


with my @sweetheart at X Cafe, Y Zoo, Z’s House; feeling on top of the world. Eureka! she likes!


19. Express Yourself



‘Yes! becomes yes :)’ , ‘ok becomes okay :)’, ‘sorry becomes sorry :(‘ and don’t forget to add adjectives; sweetheart, sweets, sweety pie, strawberry pudding, sizzling brownie, Barbie doll. You can contact us for a whole new dictionary of ‘aww words’.


20. And the final one –



Women are taxing, arduous, hypersensitive; if you seriously believe all of that; Grow up. She is less exhausting than the soccer match which makes you wake up in the middle of the night, less abstruse than alternative rock & hardcore punk; and less distractive than the latest version of XBox . Just like you spent hours with your new gadget and install the anti-virus software to prevent it from getting damaged; you have to put in efforts in your relationship and get the chords right; you shall live happily there after. Don’t be disappointed son. All the best. 🙂