20 Reasons On Why Marriage Should Be The Last Thing On Your Cards, Right Now.

In the recent generation, more and more women are rejecting offers for early marriage and are drifting towards other options.

20 Reasons On Why Marriage Should Be The Last Things On Your Cards, Right Now.


The major problem is that,

People don’t realize marriage is just a part of life and not life in itself.

Which is why, women in the world face pressure to settle down often. As soon as you turn 18, all people ask of you is ‘When are you going to get settled?’ ‘When’s your marriage?’ and what not? So here are 20 reasons on why marriage should be the last thing on your cards, right now.


1. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

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Maybe you haven’t dated enough. There are much better guys/girls out there. So revamp your expectations and give up on commitment and stuff. Go out, make memories and most importantly, remember to have fun.


2. Get to know many people, before settling on one.

Get to know many people, before settling on one

For how can you dote on one without knowing what you are settling for, isn’t it? It’s important to test the waters, amicably of course.


3. Travel more and often.

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There’s more to see and lots to do before settling down with a head load of commitment and a family to take care of, so remember to venture on all that before tying the knot.


4. Bag your dream job.

Bag your dream job.

The best time to revamp and work on your career goals is before your marriage, so work as much you can but make sure passion is always a part of the equation. Be it starting a business or embarking on any road less traveled; engage in it so that you don’t regret it later in life.


5. Do something that you always wanted to do.

Do something that you always wanted to do

Indulge in something that you always wanted to do in life, like getting a tattoo or sky diving etc.


6. Learn to live on your own.

Cause there’s no such adrenaline rush, as living on your own. Remember that.

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7. Having a rehearsal is always for the best.

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Before you move in with that, special someone try to live with a pet or a plant so you can learn to adjust, accommodate and live with others and their needs as well.


8. It’s never late to study.

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Because you should never have second thoughts about earning more laurels.


9. Also, it’s time to get fit.

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A better size and shape can always bag you more offers in all regions of life. Also, how else will you flaunt your hips during the reception or the bridal shower? Being fit, is one of the most essential qualification before entering the mambo-jumbo world of marriage.


10. Single-dom is the way to go

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When you are single, you can explore a wide range of options. Be it dancing all night or hooking up on blind dates, you can only do it when you are single, wild and free not with commitment weighing you down. Remember that.


11.  Time to roll-up the sleeves and save.

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Yes, saving and investing is an important part of your life. So remember to indulge in saving at-least a percentage of your salary, every month.


12. Get things knocked off your bucket list.

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Getting things done from your bucket list is one of the major things before tying the knot, so indulge in them and make sure you live life for yourself as well.


13. Pamper yourself with family time.

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Because Family comes first, so indulge in group therapies with them. Take that long due walks with your dad, shopping with your sister and spa visits with your mother. You deserve that luxury.


14. Remember to steer-clear of diversions.

steer-clear of diversions

Life can be enjoyed at its best, only when you steer clear of what you want and what you want to do. Never let anyone dull your sparkle.


15. Let go of your past.

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Life will become more organized and engaging, when you get the strength to let go of ones that did not work out for you.


16. Look forward with confidence and enjoy the moments.

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Because, a new chapter cannot begin unless you let go of the previous ones, so step forward with ease and confidence. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the moments.


17. Get a Pet or a Plant.

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For you will not be able to stand through the turmoil of life time relationship, unless you learn to care for another without selfishness so get a plant or a pet and learn to care for it. Caring for another living being selflessly will teach you, all you need to know about love i.e. giving without expectations.


18. What’s life without Love?

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Because, marriage is passionately irrevocable so before tying the knot make sure you have tied all the loose ends of your life together first. Everybody deserves love, and the passion it brings along. So wait for it.


19. Spend more time with friends.

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For many midst us, post marriage friends and spending time with them takes a back-seat. So indulge in as many friend meets as you can and go out on lunches and parties for this is the age to be. Make memories, so you can cherish them later.


20. Never settle for anything that you’re not ready for, in life.

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Marriage is not just about jewelry, dresses and honeymoon packages. It’s a lifetime commitment of keeping up your vows and sharing your life with another. So think not once but a hundred times, before stepping into it. Subconsciously you will always know before you’re ready. So wait for the signs, as the old saying goes, ‘Look before you Leap!’.

So, Happy Singledom dudes and dudettes !!