23 Funniest Kapil Sharma Jokes From Comedy Nights With Kapil

23 Funniest Kapil Sharma Jokes From Comedy Nights With Kapil

Kapil Sharma Funniest Jokes Comedy Nights With Kapil

He is the undisputed king of Indian comedy. When Kapil Sharma cracks a joke, the whole world laughs with him. Here are 23 funniest jokes of Kapil Sharma from Comedy Nights With Kapil.


1) This fact of Zebra that we never knew.


2) This man who came to Kapil’s show uninvited.


3) This English translation of a cute hindi love letter.


4) This line which stuns Juhi Chawla as well.


5) This technique of taking revenge with a doctor


6) Is it a Ram-Sita Jodi ?


7) This Kid Who Is Born At Home


8) The place where snakes do their recharge


9) This discussion of the wives with Shahrukh Khan.


10) Why Daadi won’t be able to watch a 30 feet snake.


11) How to take revenge with a friend.


12) This similarity between Gandhiji, Krishna & Jesus that we never knew about.


13) Technique To Live More


14) Afraid of Dark….Or Light?


15) Salman Khan worried about his marriage.


16) Petrol price doesn’t make a difference to this man.


17) Why did you come into my life ?


18) Tight Security.


19) He is a PHD.


20) The moment when a new sandal cannot be worn.


21) Definition of Escalator


22) Wife Is Cute When She Is Mute


23) How To Cry When You Can’t Cry.


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