23 Most Stupid People Ever Who Would Want To Kill Themselves

23 Stupid People Ever

Some people are dumb, some are stupid..But some people deserve an award for their stupidity. We bring to you the hall of fame list of those incredibly stupid people.


1. This Girl Who Thought That SMS Was Invented During Marilyn Monroe Regime.

Most Stupid People Ever


2. This Smart Boy Who Wanted To Look Like Justin Beiber.

Justin Beiber Look


3. This Friend Who Deserves An Award.

Lost Phone stupid people ever


4. This Genius Who Thought Microwave Is For Charging Phones.

Iphone in Microwave charging


5. This Boy Who Does Not Deserve To Live In This World.

Who are the parents


6. She Thought Ipad & Iphone Are The Same.

Calling from Ipad


7. This Person Who Wanted China In America.

China in America

8. This Girl Who Doesn’t Know What We All Know.

Idk meaning I dont know


9. This Girl Who Thought That God Will Give Her Number To All Her Contact List.

New number jokes


10. Did anyone really tried this?

Trojan dumbest people ever


11. This Dumb Girl Who Thought London Is Not In England.

London and England are same or different


12. Someone Please Tell Her The Similarity In A Girl & A Daughter

My daughter is a girl dumbest people ever


13. This Scientist Who Discovered The Biggest Riddle In Their Life

Which day is my birthday


14. Where Is The Brazil World Cup ?

Where is the 2014 Brazil World cup hosted


15. This Person Who Should Never Become An Engineer.

Power strip not working


16. OMG…She Was Trapped In An Escalator.

Stuck in Elevator or Escalator


17. This US Citizen Who Thought California Is A Different Country.

Moving to California from USA


18. This Confused Person..

How many months twins born


19. We Wish She Was On The Titanic Filming Crew.

Titanic disaster no help Stupid People ever


20. This Woman Who Thought This Is A Lift

Escalator Fail (Woman Falling On Elevator From Wheelchair)


21. How Did He Reach Here. And How Will He Get Down Incase He Doesn’t Fall.

Man Sleeping on Mcdonalds Sign


22. This Innovative Way Of Taking A Selfie.

Woman Taking A Selfie


#And our Favorite

23. This Man Who Thinks He Is Harry Potter

Man Flying With A Broom


Do you know of any other stupid people ? Let us know in comments…:)