27 Reasons Why Being In A Relationship Is Not Your ‘Cup of Tea’

‘People say you can’t live without love. I think Oxygen is more important.’

If you think you are too awesome for love or relationships, then this is indeed the right place for you.

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Here are 27 well-justified reasons on why being in a relationship is not your ‘Cup of tea’;

why being in a relationship is not your 'Cup of tea'


1. Cupid’s arrival is due yet, in your life.

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2. The magic of love is yet to hit-on you and you don’t mind waiting for it as long as it takes.


3. You are highly commitment-phobic!

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4. You don’t care about relationships or people, for life is all about having fun for you, with or without others.


5. You see everyone you know, failing at relationships and decided you don’t want the taste of the same bitterness.

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6. You can’t put others before you; your needs come first, no matter what.


7. You chose life over love. You want to explore more and chase after a person later.

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8. There are so many things that you want to get knocked off your bucket-list before getting tied down with a commitment.


9. You want to explore life and its many faces before settling down for good.

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10. You are happy, just the way you are.


11. You are not dependent on another person for your happiness.

27 Reasons Why Being In A Relationship Is Not Your ‘Cup of Tea’


12. You prefer having all of the bed to yourself.


13. You are darn too practical to believe in the world of fantasy and love.

practical to believe in the world of fantasy and love.


14. All the talk about ‘Love’ looks like pulling the wool over your eyes.


15. You have enough people in your life, already.

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16. You don’t have time for a relationship anyway.


17. You prefer pampering yourself rather than doing it to others.



18. You want to live life, without someone breathing down your neck all the time.


19. You don’t ‘want to seek somebody’s permission before every leap you take.



20. You can’t let another person to dictate your life.


21. You get bored easily.



22. Relationships and all that drama surrounding it are too surreal for you.


23. You want to meet new people, often without someone judging.



24. You love your personal space and prefer keeping it that way.


25. You don’t want to give somebody else the remote-control of your life.



26. You prefer making your own decisions.


27. You can’t talk to the same person for hours without getting bored.



And we can go on! But aren’t 27 reasons justified enough to take the point across? So stop seeking for love and enjoy singledom ! Singledom is the way to go!

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Happy singledom folks.