‘Being A Woman’ sure has its own share of ups and downs. Artist Agustina Guerrero has managed to capture those moments in illustrations. She throws light on the everyday life of a percentage woman,her silly moments, the everyday rituals, the insecurities, the perks and the quirks.

1). BAW-1 2).BAW-2 3). BAW-3 4).BAW-4 5).BAW-5 6).BAW-6 7).BAW-7 8).BAW-8 9).BAW-9 10).BAW-10 11). BAW-11 12).BAW-12 13).BAW-13 14).BAW-14 15).BAW-15 16).BAW-16 17).BAW-17 18).BAW-18 19).BAW-19 20).BAW-20 21).BAW-21 22).BAW-22 23).BAW-23 24).BAW-24 25).BAW-25 26).BAW-26 27).BAW-27 28).BAW-28 29).BAW-29

It’s an understatement to state that they’re perfect.