30 Minutes Or Free. Keep This In Mind The Next Time You Think Of Ordering A Pizza

The clock is ticking and we are trapped by the relentless desire to outpace it.
Let this video by Artist At Work Productions remind you of what you lose, in this obsession to defeat time.

Most restaurant outlets these days go with the norm of, ‘Delivery within 30 minutes or FREE’. Yeah we find them inquisitive and hard to say ‘NO’ to but have you ever wondered about the implications involved? When the common man strives in his/her office to achieve the monthly targets and realms imagine the lives of those who have challenges pledged out in front of them as much as about 10-20 of them daily? They have to fight against all odds, drive against speed and time to make sure your food reaches you on time. Imagine the amount of stress the customer and the restaurant management would make the delivery persons endure to?

We consider it our birthright and pledge to turn the food away when it reaches late but have you ever taken a moment to think about the guy who delivers it? He might have a family too. Imagine the amount of risk and tenure he undergoes. He puts his life under risk to deliver the meal on time.

Please be considerate towards them. Consider and evaluate the situation on humanitarian grounds before reacting on the same or worse filing a complaint against them with the restaurant.

A little bit of kindness would be a favor you do for yourself in the long run.