8 Pictures That Prove There Are 2 Kinds Of Gujjus In The World

Gujjus totally define the famous song sung by Devang Patel “Main chaahe yeh karu, main chaahe woh karu, Meri Marzi”. They have different tastes but the most royal tastes. Some love Falguni Pathak while others love Devang Patel.

They are unique but awesome and here are 8 pictures that prove there are always 2 kinds of Gujjus in this world.


1. One plays Garba…Other dances at Sunburn


Source: TheGeniusGujju


2. When it comes to Modi, all gujjus are the same.



3. One is a Falguni Pathak fan…Other is a Devang Patel fan.

8 Falguni Pathak vs Devang Patel - Whom do you like to listen


4. One has Doodh Keri…Other loves Aamras!

9 Mango season is out but what do you crave for - Doodh Keri or Aamras


5. One Loves Khaman..Other is mad behind Dhokla

10 What makes your taste buds excited - Khaman or Dhokla


6. One Plays Dandiya…Other plays garba

11 What do you love more - Dandiya ke Garba


7. In Breakfast: One eats Fafda Jalebi..Other has Tea & Khakra

12 So what do you prefer for breakfast. Cha ane khakra ke fafda jalebi


8. A Gujju Boy is always a BABO..& A Gujju Girl is always called a BABY.

13 stay tuned


Actually speaking, in reality all gujjus are the same & that makes them A.W.E.S.O.M.E