A Girl Walks Around Mumbai For 10 Hours And Proves That ‘Not All Men, Are The SAME’

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IndieTube decided to mimic the 10 hours of walking in New York as a woman video. Our model wears a top and a short skirt and walks around Mumbai city throughout the day almost 10 hours of walking. To our surprise she did not get a single instance of street harassment.

This video is much similar to the 10 hours of walking in NYC and is more like the Desi-version of it. Surprisingly, the women here doesn’t get to be called cat names nor is she put in the spot of being an eye-candy. In the NYC version, the woman gets called-names many more times that we can count. Also, the good news here is that female doesn’t get called names even once. Bravo, to the Mumbai men. Though this is quite a dangerous experiment and cannot be stated as a survey/proof this has indeed proved and stood by the norm that, Not all men are the same.



Women are never disarmed by compliments; men always are. ~Oscar Wild