Alia Bhatt Dumb Jokes Which Have Gone Viral On The Internet

alia bhatt dumb jokes

Without much ado and hype we welcome the new blonde in the block, Alia!! She has the perfect looks, oozes confidence and highly envied body but lacks the most important element, guess what? Yes. General knowledge i.e. IQ!! We present forward some of the most shocking goof-ups of Alia that has left the social media users with no bereft chance but making jokes. We have compiled some of the best moments; that has confirmed that Alia is following the tracks of Alok Nath, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Yami Gautam and Tiger Shroff.

Take a look at the some of the priceless moments from Alia’s Koffee with Karan,

Formula 1 Alia Bhatt Jokes Dumb


Alia Bhatt Career


President of India

Alia Bhatt Meme


Alia Bhatt states


Alia Bhatt Tiger Shroff


Amongst the top 5 things in Alia’s bag; is a men’s perfume (that she uses probably).

Alia Bhatt Mens perfume


She didn’t even know the full form of BJP !!

Alia Bhatt Ful form of BJP


While Parineeti answered immediately,


Alia kept slurping her drink !! 😀

And when quizzed about who is the chairperson of Indian National Congress,

Alia Bhatt Congress


She continued doing the same !! 😀 😛

Alia Bhatt


Take a look at few Alia Bhatt trolls from the Social Media ,

Alia Bhatt memes


Alia Bhatt memes


Alia Bhatt memes


Alia Bhatt memes Aamir khan


Alia Bhatt memes Arvind Kejriwal


She resembles the character of Karen smith in mean girls for real!!

Alia Bhatt memes


As from Student of the Year, ‘The girl’s got everything’ but intelligence!!

Alia Bhatt memes


& Dear Alia fans, No offense intended please  !! We love Alia too  🙂