Here’s How The Bollywood Auditions In 1951 Looked Like!

The following photos which have been doing it’s rounds on all Internet platforms are believed to be photographed by photojournalist James Burke whilst Veteran Bollywood movie director Abdul Rashid Kardar of Kardar Productions is taking a screen test of two young girls – an Indian and a foreigner – for one of his upcoming projects.

A R Kardar (Abdul Rashid Kardar) was director of famous movies like Shahjehan (1946), Dillagi (1949), Dulari (1949), Dil Diya Dard Liya (1966) etc. These photographs were taken by James Burke for Life Magazine. The Life archive hosted by Google wrongly documented the date of these photographs as 1941, but probably these photos were taken in 1951.

Look through them here,


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If this is how Bollywood auditions in 1951 looked like, we shudder to think what the procedure is like now!

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