Bollywood Has Been Forever Screwing With Sushant Singh. Here Is Proof!

If there is a Bakra award in Bollywood, then it will surely go to Sushant Singh. No matter what role he is playing, Sushant Singh always ends up getting killed in the worst possible scenarios.

Here are 11 instances where Sushant got so screwed, he just could not remain alive till the end of the movie.


1. Jungle- He was the chief dacoit (main antagonist) & thus he had to die.

He was playing the role of Veerapan but he got brutally killed by Urmila.

Jungle-Sushant SinghSource: youtube

2. Kaun – Got killed By Urmila Once Again.

KaunSource: youtube

3. Legend of Bhagat Singh- He was playing Sukhdev, so he obviously got killed.

He wanted to die for the nation and the rest is history.

Legend of Bhagat SinghSource: youtube

4. Dum- Got killed while saving the protagonist’s family.

DumSource: youtube

5. Darna Mana Hai – This was hilarious! He played a psycho killer in the famous horror anthology film. He was killed by one of his victims.

Darna Mana HaiSource: youtube

6. Family – Got killed by his own dad (played by Amitabh Bachchan)!

FamilySource: youtube

7. KnockOut- Got killed by the director of the movie.

Yeah, you read it right! The director had a small cameo in this remake of Phone Booth. He came, he saw and he shot Sushant Singh!

KnockoutSource: google

8. Raktha Charithra – He came. We Saw. He Died!

Rakht CharitraSource: youtube

9. 16 December – I loved his character more than the protagonist, but alas…Victor had to die

16 DecemberSource: youtube

10. Baabar- Some random B grade gangster flick in which I thought this poor chap would be having a substantial role, but the director went nuts and killed his a** out of sheer joy!

BaabarSource: youtube

11. Hate Story 2- Got killed by his mistress.

Hate Story-2Source: youtube

Honourable Mention– Do a Google search for ‘Sushant Singh’ and you’ll probably find pics and information on Sushant Singh Rajput instead of this poor guy.

Bollywood Has Been Forever Screwing With Sushant Singh. Here Is Proof!


SCREW YOU, GOOGLE. Sushant Singh is a great actor!