Bollywood’s Obsession with Towels

Bollywood's Obsession with Towels

We all have seen them in Bollywood quite a lot of times. Actors when they are happy, excited wear them and sing songs to express their joy. Yes you guessed it right it is none other than Towel. So under what circumstances can one dance in a towel according to Bollywood?


1) When you haven’t met your dream guy

Kajol Towel


Or if you have met him, this will help in seducing him

Parineeti Chopra in towel


Which might lead to this

Parineeti and Sushant SIngh



hum toh aise hai bhaiya


Also, when you suddenly realise that life is only of four days you can

salman towel dance


So dance like an idiot with your towel when you fall for someone and

Ranbir Kapoor Towel


If dancing alone looks stupid ask your sister to join you too

rani and preity


WOW….We just pray that Bollywood thinks of a new obsession…AMEN !!