deepika-padukone-smile-naina-reading-book-BOOKS ARE FOREVER & EVER

“Only Ink and Paper; nothing can beat the charm of reading a book, for nothing can match your imagination”  – Chetan Bhagat

Nothing beats the joy and happiness of reading from a hard-bound novel. Ever since we started reading alphabets; all we have done with life is reading, reading and more reading. Ranging from bed time stories, Enid Blyton to Mills and Boon and Sidney Sheldon the voracious of the lot; sailed through them all. We love reading anything and everything, be it paper pamphlets, chocolate wrappers, bill boards, shampoo bottles, gift wraps, noodle packets or even century old newspapers. And whenever we read, we tend to forget about the world around us. Like we rarely care about chances for control over the T.V remote or play-dates. Neither the advent of television or social media changes our perspective of reading. And nothing can hamper the daily reading routine short of an earthquake. While other girls stuff their handbags with cosmetics and chargers, we learned to weigh them down with heavy books for so-called ‘light reading’. We love reading while traveling, waiting for train or during class hours; while our mates spend the same time on listening to songs or chit-chatting. But it works most gloriously to our advantage too, for we stay updated and can whip up a conversation on anything. Soon we loved people who gifted books and half-of our closet is stuffed with books all the way. Sounds nerdy right?

But nothing can beat the joy of reading. Nothing can. DOT.

While people love cuddling or walking out during monsoons we prefer sitting down with a nice book. Be it ‘The Breathe of A scandal’ or ‘The Hound of Baskervilles’; all genres.

When people discuss about the merits and demerits of books, we go whoopee daisy. When some state it’s better to read with a kindle or an I-pad we get the urge to yell ‘NO’. To top it all, we hate when they add on why waste space on book-shelves? How can a closet or stand for books be a waste of space? Oh god, it’s like we can never conceive an idea or even a living space without books or book racks. When some take the trouble to explain to us that it’s easy to download a movie/ E-book with a click instead of spending hours in a book-store. We get bewildered. We tend to cancel numerous appointments, dates and parties to indulge in sessions where we’ll be surrounded by nothing but books. Most of us love spending hours in book stores, looking through numerous titles, flipping through the racks and soaking in the aroma of books. And the feel of paper against our hands, is bliss. We also have friends with whom we spend hours discussing books we read. There’s something magical about reading a book, something highly magical.

Reading beyond forever is indeed, worth of pursuit!! ‘Hip hip hurray’ to all voracious readers out there!