Boys Don’t Cry? Watch This Video And Realize How Wrong You Are

We teach our ‘ough boys’ not to cry, but instead we should teach them not to make women in their lives cry. ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, a short film directed by Vinil Mathew and produced by Alex Kuruvilla, Managing Director, Conde Nast India, makes a powerful point about domestic violence. #VogueEmpower #StartWithTheBoys #MadhuriDixit Start with the boys.

Day-by day the crimes against women in India are increasing and while we teach the boys ‘not to cry like girls’ from childhood we miss out on the most important note that


The Indian society has stood by the norm that ‘Real men don’t cry’ since ages. we hear the phrase ‘Don’t cry like a girl’ quite often and men who cry are perceived to be sissies . While we stick to men shouldn’t cry we forget to inculcate that men are supposed to protect women and not hurt them.

There’s nothing wrong with crying and venting out your feelings, but it’s a huge mistake to make somebody cry. True men , never take advantage over somebody’s weakness.