Ramya Ramachandran from Thrissur, Kerala called off her wedding in the most unique way possible. She made a Facebook post that went viral for all the right reasons.

BRAVO:Kerala Woman Cancels Wedding in Ishhhh-Style!


The reason as she mentioned; was the demand of dowry from her fiance’s family which began right after the engagement.

“To all those asking for the date of my wedding, the family that before the engagement had said that they only wanted me, post the engagement, they were demanding 50 sovereigns of gold and 5 lakh rupees. As I am staunchly against dowry and because I believe that buying anything for a man and his family who are so unreliable is a loss, I don’t want to continue with the marriage.” Ramya posted.


This went more than viral and people congratulated her for taking the right decision.

She also added a thank you note on Sunday,

“I just wanted to let my circle know about cancellation of marriage, never expected this to break. Meanwhile, I would like to explain that the decision was my declaration. Never had been an intention to hurt anyone specifically. Please don’t use my post for personalised humiliation, instead use it against our social norms. People are ignorant for their own convenience and profit. Thank you once again.”


Bravo Ramz! We’re proud of you!