Chetan Bhagat Voices His Opinion On The JNU Issue And He Is Making Some Serious Points

Famed author Chetan Bhagat has an opinion on the latest JNU row that triggered after the arrest of the  president Kanhaiya Kumar. Here’s what he says,



“Can people in college use the college to study instead of trying to insult the country that is subsidizing their education.”



“Terrorists take innocent lives. No justification or sympathy for their actions.”



If you do support them, you are anti-national. Period. The best part of JNU is Ganga Dhabha. The rest is not to be taken seriously.


Every dog that barks need not be arrested. What they did was wrong, but sedition charges bit too much.



“Making anti-India slogans was a mistake. Full blown police crackdown bigger mistake. Using that to hurt budget session, the biggest mistake.”

Modi hate can blind you to the point that you can even tacitly support anti-India protesters.




If JNU management had kept their students in check, this day would not have come. Trying to be cool-alternative-lefties, they’re loonies now.


Literally or otherwise, what do you think?