The terrifying glass-bottomed bridge is giving tourists a big scare in China.

This structure, which was opened to the public last week in China’s Hunan province, is 980 feet long suspended between two sheer cliffs. The 980 foot-long crossing glass-bottomed bridge in China’s Hunan Province dangles visitors nearly 600 feet above a valley floor and is as crazy as it can get.


‘If you’re brave enough to cross it, you won’t want to look down.’

Though the bridge is made of glass that is 25 times more stronger than average glass and is designed to incapacitate as much as 800 visitors at the same time it is mimed to not break down even if a glass breaks because the steel frame is very strong and densely built.

Here's China's 600ft Glass-Bottom Bridge. Do you Dare To Cross it?


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So do you have the guts to cross this bridge?