CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE WON! To all rapists, all the people who have watched India’s daughter, all Indians, and anyone who is human and has a heart.


Believe me, this letter is not to insult the respected lawyers Mr. M L Sharma and Mr. A P Singh, or to express my rage against the six honorable rapists. Clearly, the defence lawyers are much knowledgeable and educated than I am, and, very clearly the rapists are much enlightened than everyone (not only Indians) who has grieved Nirbhaya’s horrific experience and death.

This letter comes from a very scared and confused girl who needs some answers as all her values, her opinions, her sense of judgment, everything she has believed in has been called into question.



So, let’s start with Nirbhaya’s story. My heart goes out to Nirbhaya for all she has endured with great fortitude. But, my heart especially goes out to her parents for living a cursed life. When I heard about her rape from so many friends and colleagues of mine and they mentioned bits and pieces of what they have heard on news or read in articles, do you know that I could not pull up the courage to read her story myself? Do you know I was terrified enough by the idea of six men hovering over a helpless girl like demons that I never tried knowing her real name or searching the internet for her picture? I did not even try looking for the photos of the rapists as I was frightened of their faces haunting me in my nightmares. So, putting all of this together, am I a bad girl? Am I feeling for and supporting the wrong people? No, really, please, I am asking genuinely, please answer me!

I wear jeans, I have guy friends, I do not sit at home but I work and fund all my expenses and education, and I plan to study abroad soon. I am not the housekeeping-type, am I? Does this mean I am characterless? Will I be raped too? My parents have worked so hard to give me and my brother the best possible education and to provide us the most comfortable life probable. They were clearly wrong considering they allowed me to work instead of making me learn housekeeping. Are they criminals too? Will they be punished as well?

As Mr. A P Singh suggested, should my father put petrol on me and set me alight?

stand up


‘We have the best culture. In our culture, there is no place for a woman.’ – was one of the remarks made by Mr. M L Sharma. There is no place for women but there is place for rapists and murderers, is it? When the 17-year old juvenile rapist, who was incidentally the most brutal of the six rapists, is released after three years and he comes and sits beside me or my friends in the bus while travelling, what should we do? If he makes a move on us, should we shout, or should we just cooperate to save ourselves from being beaten to death, like the rapist in the documentary said? Are all the men who want to marry independent working women be corrected and coached? We (women) are diamonds, flowers, and we have been compared to even sweets that are to be saved from street-dogs and kept in fridge; but we aren’t human, are we? We are to be born with no dreams and goals in life. We are to be quiet when we see injustice happening to us. We are to be protected, but not loved and cared for. We are just commodities, aren’t we?

Can’t you hear me screaming now?
Please answer.

please stop

I would love to be a mother someday. I have always wanted a baby girl and have always wished to bring her up in a way that she grows to become a strong, independent and kind woman. Since my little girl does not fall into the ‘rapist-defined-good-girl category’, will she be molested, abused, raped, and killed too? If I give birth to a baby boy, will he have to witness his mother, his aunts, and other women of his family being disrespected, or worse, will he become like one of the rapists? If that is true, I’d rather never become a mother, EVER! Will I be called names and be disgraced for wishing this way? Or will I be hunt down for voicing out my opinion? Please let me know.

I have watched the banned AIB Roast on Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kappor along with my friends, and we have laughed till our stomachs hurt. I, my friends, and about five million other women who have seen this supposedly controversial AIB knockout- will we all be disciplined? When I read the article of Delhi’s Uber-rape-victim and got to know that she has had to, quoting her words, ‘relive the vicious attack multiple times’, I had tears rolling down my cheek. What was her mistake? Booking a cab? Mr. M L Sharma and Mr. A P Singh- you have successfully attracted all the rapists of the country towards you, and looking at the number of rape cases floating these days, I say you have made hell of a career.

What are you going to do next?

Are you going to defend the Taliban militants who killed around 130 school kids in Pakistan too?

What logic are you going to use this time? Population-control? Or Honor-killing?

aib roAST


Thanks indeed to the government to putting a ban on the documentary. I was so petrified by reading a few lines from the documentary that I was constantly looking over my shoulder on my way back home and I passed doubtful glances at almost every man I saw. Now should I be scared of every man who walks past me? Should I be careful of my father and my little brother too? Honestly, thanks to the government for saving me from sleepless nights because I don’t think I have the tolerance to look at the rapist’s face and listen to his revolting remarks and not do something about it.

A small request to our government ‘Now that you have banned so many things for inconceivable reasons, can you please put a ban on us( women)? Evidently, we are the reason for all the problems, can you just shun us from the country and just be done with it, once and for all?’

My question to Nirbhaya’s rapists  ‘what did Nirbhaya do to make you kill her in the most horrendous way possible? What did I do that you put me in this dilemma of questioning all my beliefs? What did WE (women) possibly do to you? To all the rapists all over the world – I have read few comments that proves that there are people who support you; it really astounds me and gives me goose-bumps to be living amongst such people. Looking at our society, our government, our lawyers ‘I have lost all hope. Please let me know what you are going to do to me, to us; because we all might not be ‘Nirbhayas’ you know. I am weak now, we( women) are weak now.


Finally, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE WON. And you will be winning till the society stands up for Nirbhaya, for me, for us.


-By Harsha Gupta