The Corporate World Receives a Mahabharata Twist. Find out Which One Is You?

Refer My Resume‘s Facebook page has come out Mahabharata characters from a corporate perspective. Each major player from the epic has been given his own card along with a befitting corporate description.


1. Yuddhisthira

The Corporate World Receives a Mahabharata Twist.


2. Shakuni

Corporate Mahabharata - Shakuni


3. Nakul and Sahdev

Corporate Mahabharata - Nakul and Sahdev


4. Arjuna

Corporate Mahabharata-Arjuna


5. Karna

Corporate Mahabharata-Karna


6. Dronacharya

Corporate Mahabharata-Dronacharya


7. Duryodhana

Corporate Mahabharata-Duryodhana


8. Dhritharashtra

Corporate Mahabharata-Dhritharashtra


9. Gandhari

Corporate Mahabharata-Gandhari


10. Bhishma

Corporate Mahabharata-Bhishma


11. Shakuni

Corporate Mahabharata-Shakuni


12. Bheema

Corporate Mahabharata-Bheema


So, which one of the following describes you the best?

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