DAD – A Daughter’s First Love.

In the midst of our busy schedules, every young individual takes time out to tweet celebrities on their birthdays, chat often in IM’s, attend alumni meetings, meet their friends over parties and dinners etc. But rarely do we appreciate our parents or their sacrifices. Try to recollect the last time you said “I love you dad” and I know it’s tough to admit that some of you might have never done the same since forever! Aren’t we supposed to feel an enormous sense of gratitude and appreciation for the individuals who have given so much of themselves into raising us? My father has a scoop in everything I do and has fashioned my life in all ways possible right from helping me with nursing, clothing, teaching etc. Only then did I come to realize that for the past 21 years my life has been a one-way street. The younger generation have all acted self-centered, ungrateful and received love with less or no sense of gratitude, for long enough. We complain about messy furniture, clothes askew everywhere and what not? While parents bear it all with a smile; We sit around ordering junk to eat, stuff to wear while they might actually face in-numerous hardships we know nothing about.

Still all they would do is smile and bear it all 🙂

Sometimes I sit wondering where my father gets all the zeal and energy to work for people; who came into existence into his life just years ago. He has never failed to influence me. Of course; we get into arguments often but there are no winners in that exchange. There has always been mutual understanding. Fathers may always appear stern; however once you start testing the waters you will discover that he trusts you.

He values and trusts his children for what they are. And it’s time we honor their sacrifices and try to pay back at least in bits and pieces. Try spending more time with your father, buying gifts, cooking his favorites and doing what keeps him happy. My dad is a great man; of highly impeccable character, quiet and hardworking however his life cannot be summarized with just a superficial sketch which is why I decided to put forth this type set and pay him a tribute cos I have pledged to myself that I shall not wait to let him know about my feelings.

When it comes to a father; he never expects returns. The equation will never be about what he asks; for he never will and my father has never quoted what he wants till now. He has no desires in life. And the most important way to payback for your father’s love is respecting his opinions and applying them at the same time. Try employing simple tasks into your daily routine like, bringing him a glass of milk post dinner, buying his pills etc. if you can’t bring yourself to hug him you might as well as talk it out with him; a simple how was your day? Have you taken your pills? Go a long way. I am not presenting this forward as magic potion or a cure-all for your hassles but once you implement it you will foresee that honoring your parents with a tribute can actually carve a niche in their soul. Fathers live to see smiles of their children and the least we can do; is reminding them often that we love them. No matter what kind of hassles we go through they still stand tall and bear it all.


Yes, for all that you have done for me and you will ever do I love you appa!! I will make you proud someday, I can promise you that. 🙂