This Campaign By Nandita Das Proves That Being Dark Is Beautiful.

Nandita Das quotes

In India, being beautiful is all about being fair or light-skinned. This is the sad and tragic state of the nation, that relays so much on light skin and aims at making women peach skinned dolls. Not just women, these days even men are targeted and forced into altering their skin tone that shows how very tragic and worse the state of affairs is. We have Nandita Das talking about the Indian idea of being beautiful. She is no alien to such stereotyping, which is why she supports ‘Dark is Beautiful’ campaign by not falling for the same. This video is all about celebrating being dark and also seeks to draw attention to the unjust effects of skin color discrimination in India.

This campaign challenges the belief that the value and beauty of people is determined by the fairness of their skin. This belief and media message shapes society and it gives countless people, young and old, a low self-esteem.

Watch the video, and you will realize that there are better things to do with life than trying to become fair or light-skinned.