Dear Pakistan, Watch This Video To Know What We Indians Have Missed Out On From The Last 67 Years

This video letter will break the silence of past 68 years between India and Pakistan. This shows the evolution of ‘We’ into ‘You’ and ‘Me’.

This video letter written by Ram Subramanian hand-in-hand with Handloom Entertainment makes up for the years we have lost. This also carries an awesome and inspiring message that says that, ‘We should communicate and evaluate the differences through words and not weapons’.

He also tries to inspire us into believing that there exists a future, without boundaries and by-lanes. While most of us have accepted the fact that all of this is more sanctimonious and tuned ourselves into becoming practical here’s one that tries to add at-least a drop of love amidst the ocean of hatred floating around us.

We should take an initiative to stand together united no matter what HITS us, because believing in Non-violence and peace is the only way to make it happen.

SHARE, till it reaches everyone amongst your circle all the way till it knocks-down the door of Iqbal Bhai.

So, are you listening Iqbal Bhai?