#EnnadaRascals? Watch This Video That Breaks The Madness Created By Stereotyping Of South Indians

EnnadaRascals stereotyping of South Indians

We are south of India,
This is not a single state, we are here to clear the slate.
We are south of India
There is no madrasi, we are all padosee!


This video aims to break the stereotypes created by movies like Chennai Express, 2States and fan-lore alike on South-India. This rights hits on the head with,There is no madrasi, we are all padosee!‘. This video channeling Billy Joel’s Chartbuster ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’, poses and pauses at all the right places. #EnnadaRascals will educate and make you aware about South India in as easily¬† as in about 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

After the end of the video, you will end being updated about geographical facts as well the phases and facets of South India most amicably.

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