My Story: ❝ He Came Up With Something Not Less Than A Shock To Me; Which Made Me Really Sad And Question My Own Identity ❞

My Story: ❝ He Came Up With Something Not Less Than A Shock To Me; Which Made Me Really Sad And Question My Own Identity ❞

❝ Many young girls fear becoming fat and engage in dieting. I myself have tried my hands on dieting and losing weight due to the humiliation and pressure I faced until I realized how unfair I was to myself.

Yesterday was a perfect Sunday Morning until my phone beeped, and my notifications showed a messenger message of a guy wishing me good morning? I remember him from his earlier messages; I haven’t talked to him for the last two years and often ignored his messages. This time, I felt I should reply to him.

After asking me what I was studying, he directly asked my number, to which I refused politely.

Then he said he liked me and wants to start the friendship. I responded saying, “Please don’t waste your valuable time on me. At this stage, I am really not interested in all this.”
He replied, “Are you a lesbian?
A few minutes later he sent me his number and literally ordered me to drop a text on WhatsApp Massager.
I said, “Deleted WhatsApp couple of days back.” Next, he came up with something not less than a shock which made me really sad and made me question my own identity.

He said, “You know we are going to match perfectly, I am huge too. You should thank me for liking you, I am perfect for you. You are fat and I like you, concentrate on that. You will not find anyone else. Nobody loves fat girls. You are an unhealthy girl, so don’t show this stupid attitude to me. This is a lifetime deal. Now, give me your phone number and thank me enough, ‘MOTI’ Bye fat girl.”
After reading this I was very disturbed. I couldn’t believe what I did read. I had to block him. But before blocking I replied him, “I am not blocking you because I am offended or something, but because you are a fu***ng loser, and I feel pity for your mentality and the way you judge people”.


I could never be forced to start a friendship with any guy because I am fat and would not find anyone else. I would never start a relationship with anyone who feels pity about the way I am and is a coward and fear to go against the stereotypes.I have faced enough humiliation at my school and at home. I stopped giving a damn to all this and enjoyed just being me. People with the intentions of insulting often throw around, “You are so fat, you look ugly, please lose weight”.


I am often subjected to stares and giggles on the roads. I find people laughing at my body and pointing their fingers towards me. They would judge me that I have larger breast and buttocks. I got layers of fat around my tummy. How I was indifferent to their eyes, they would mock me, abuse me, and laugh at me.

I do feel very pathetic at times; I want to cry out loud no matter how strong I show myself.

Nobody chooses the body they have. Everyone is born into that body without a choice. If someone is healthy then it shouldn’t matter what they look like to anyone but their own. Body shaming can’t be solved until everyone learns to accept their body, be it skinny or overweight; until magazines and media quit perpetuating the myth of perfect body.

Doing something to impress others is not worthy. I have learned to respect and accept my body. I have started to listen to the signs of the body, and made my mind I would never lose weight to please anybody, it will only be for my well- being.

I love the way I am, I am really very proud of who I am.‪#rip to the ones who find humor in degrading a women’s body and the‪ #‎BodyShaming‬ culture. ❞

Submitted By : Jahnabi Kalita.