Flipkart’s Big Billion Day – A Big Bang Price Scam?

Flipkart Big Billion Day

Flipkart’s Big Billion day sale was celebrated on October 6th, 2014 and they claimed to be giving about 30-90% discounts on everything. And most of these discounted products consist of clothes, electronics, perfumes, cosmetics etc. Many amongst us looked forward for this offer. This started with Flip kart promoting a strategy that it was looking forward to unite about a billion people from all over the world, for unanimously the greatest sale ever.

Flipkart Big Billion Day

 Here, we are to discuss on whether this is really an anniversary-celebration sale or a Scam? If you looked into what really happened, you will be utterly convinced that it’s scam as well. Within few minutes, the rates and costs of all products on sale were hiked up and later slashed down in the name of a discount. When people started nosing around and getting a whiff of what really happened, many could tell it on face-front that this was hundred percent scam and this news of discovery went viral on Facebook and Twitter. Flipkart is one of India’s leading e-commerce websites with a value of 60.8 dollars and post this scenario, they would have added at least 10 billion dollars more to their profit basket. The so-called ‘Big billion day’ started off at 8am and most of the products went off-stock or out-of reach even after adding it to the cart. How is it possible to slash-off a product for half-of its rate? There were some products available at Rs.1 and some at more than 50% less, like the Samsung Tab2. This was advertised to be on sale for something around 1300/-, while the real value of the product is around 13,000. But as you as you click to add it to the cart, the product either goes out of stock or the page reloads towards Error: 404.

 Not to talk about epic cases like this,

Flip kart’s Big Billion day sale i

Flip kart has been advertising on this since ages and there have been a number of sales and deals running on the e-commerce website since today morning 8am. However when you look into the stringent details, you will notice that the sale came to an end within 7 hours. For your information, Flip kart aims to do about one billion of business turnover on October, 6th 2014. Though we’re not sure on, the clauses of them achieving the same; the surety if them making huge profit and gaining enough face-value has been achieved. Flip kart has closed down its so called fake orders, for they have already received in and around 3, 00,000 orders since morning.


According to a website, Thanks to “Compare Hatke” chrome extension from BuyHatke, we can understand how the prices were in the last few days and whether they have suddenly increased or not! I’m taking totally unrelated items to show the price comparison here.

Flipkart Big Billion Day

Swayam Doublesheet which has been consistent at around Rs.1124 for over a month now, has suddenly shot up to Rs.1500. Tomorrow they might show a 30% discount and reduce it to original price!


Flipkart Big Billion Day

Van Heusen Slim Fit Men’s trousers which were hovering between Rs.1200 to Rs.1700 in the last 1 month have suddenly shot up to Rs.2200 in just 1 day! Cool technique to show people a huge Rs.500 discount on their favorite trousers on 6th October??!! 4 Flipkart Big Billion Day

One of the best selling perfumes, Calvin Klein Be Eau de Toilette, had its price hovering around Rs.1650 for the last 3 months, suddenly it has shot up by around Rs.300 and is now available at Rs.1920.. Even Compare Hatke chrome extension which doesn’t know about this pseudo sale is suggesting only around 40% of the time to buy this product at the current price as they know prices might come down soon! 5 Flipkart Big Billion Day

I have not even scratched the surface of this issue as I’m just looking at the price fluctuations on Flipkart site itself. There have been many instances (in fact in the above screenshots itself) where it was mentioned by Compare Hatke that cheaper products are available on Ebay, Amazon and well Flipkart itself before they discontinued older priced products! But the shocking fact was the above image of a Soch sari which is exorbitantly priced on Flipkart site when the same can be bought for less than half the price on Soch website itself. What kind of discounts are you talking about then, Flipkart? Flipkart Big Billion Day

Please Note: The Soch team reached out to us saying

–  Soch is not a part of the Flipkart’s Big Billion sale and have not included any products for this particular sale

–  Soch e-comm website ( which was at the beta testing mode and not LIVE) was rectifying few errors, hence you must have seen the prices in the website when they were clearing out the errors. The price mentioned in the flipkart is the actual price of the product.

Here some of the reactions from the socio-portal Twitter towards Flip Kart’s sale,

Flip kart’s Big Billion day sale _Twitter

Flip kart’s Big Billion day sale _Twitter

Flip kart’s Big Billion day sale _Twitter

Flip kart’s Big Billion day sale _Twitter


The best example is that of the product – Van heusen slim fit men’s trousers . The price was hovering around 1200 to 1600 rupees since ages, but a day or two before the so-called “sale” , the price was increased to 2200 rupees ! Which is an increase of almost around 600 rupees and this was on sale today for 1200 rupees. While some amongst are receiving mails, stating that the product is already out of stock after ordering while others are being charged unanimously for delivery and other charges.

Here are some trolls from Facebook as well,

Saurav Kumar Sinha

I just brought an “out of stock” from FlipKart. Feeling lucky!!  #‎bigbillionday

Ashish Mehta

Thank you ‪#‎Flipkart for your brilliant ‪#‎BigBillionDay to make me realize how awesome Amazon is. Just bought myself Macbook Air from Amazon.in at almost INR 10,000 lesser than your ‘sale’ price

Chinmoy Deka

‪#‎BigBillionDay sale by @Flipkart is to raise awareness about HTTP error codes…..

Pradeep Kumar

Flipkart celebrates ‪#‎Bakrid with Indian users!

Seems like we are the Sheeps here!

Pradeep Kumar

Flipkart, kindly rename ‪#‎BigBillionDay to ‪#‎OutOfStockDay please.

 Apart from these, there are million stories that are going un-said amongst masses.

No-Ullu-Banaying Flipkart

So, be it the Grand Diwali Sale or The Big Billion Day, be smart and think twice to ensure you make the right decision.