Here Is Why Google Is The Best Company In The World. See The Amazing Interiors Of Google Campus

Google Office Campus

Google is one the biggest companies in the world. When you step inside the Google campus, you will feel as if you have entered Disneyland. Once you become a Google employee you will forever remain a Google employee. Check this out to know why Google is one of the best companies in the whole world.



The Volleyball Court

volleyball court Google Campus Tour
This court was also featured in the movie “The Internship”


Don’t Want To Drive? Take the Valet Parking

Valet Parking Google Campus tour
Free Valet Parking


Every android version is represented by statues placed in the campus. [It includes all versions like Kitkat, Gingerbread, Ice cream Sandwich, Cupcake & Honeycomb.]

Android version statues Google Campus
Android Version Statues


The eyes of this humongous Android Statue turns Red when the sun sets..

4 Android Statue with red eyes- Google CampusSource: google

Public Art – Beautiful statues placed inside the campus. They add to the attractiveness of the place.

Public art-Google Campus tour
Public Art


Dinosaur Replica – This statue was built to remind Google employees to stay creative & not let Google become irrelevant like a Dinosaur.

5.1 public art


Electric Cars – Lots of people commute by electric cars. Charging stations are available in the campus itself.

Electric cars- Google Campus
Charging Stations have Solar Panels




Nanopods – Where employees can work and sleep too…

7 Nappod where Employees can work and sleep

7.1 Napping Pods


SLIDE – Employees do not need to particularly take the lift to go down to the Ground Floor. They can just slide…

7.2 Slider


Private Small Space – There are myriad number of spaces where employees can go and work in complete privacy.



Private Cubicles – Wow, who would even want to get back to their houses when they have such enticing workplaces!



Private Caravan – If you get bored, you can work in your mini Caravan.

7.4 60s Caravan styled hangout and lounge chairs



Google Bicycles –  Any Googler can grab these colorful Google Bicycles to drive around the campus and leave it anywhere for the next Googler to use it.

Google Bicycles

Google Bicycles - Google Campus pics


Mini Scooters – Inside the campus, you can use these scooters to hover playfully around the campus to save time, your legs and to seek the childhood fun.

Mini Cycles-Google Campus


You can also drive your bicycles inside the campus..

Cycle inside the office-Google Campus California




Play Games – Take breaks from your work and end up playing games. Good way to relieve stress.

Play games-Google Campus


Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing-Google Campus


Fitness Gym – There are numerous Fitness Centers inside the Google campus which are highly equipped with the latest technologies.

GYM-Google Campus Switzerland


Dance Studio- for those who always wished loved dancing

Dance Studio - Google Campus Tour


Pole Dance

Pole Dance-Google Campus tour


Swimming Pools – Sunworshippers, here’s an opportunity for you all.

Swimming Pools-Google Campus



Google has developed these places to help employees to be more creative and bring out new ideas from them.

Work peacefully-Google Campus

Group Work -Work peacefully-Google Campus


Private Cabins

Work in privacy-Private Cabin Google campus




Free Food – There are innumerable cafeterias and restaurants where you can grab your meal at any point of day.

Free Food-Google Campus Tour


Yes, table tennis tables used for lunch…fascinating isn’t it?

Tabletennis table Food-Google Campus Tour


All types of food available at your quickest convenience.

Food-Google Campus Tour

Food Snacks-Google Campus Tour


You can grab these snacks & drinks as well…

Snacks-Google Campus Tour




Massage Rooms – Relieve yourself from everyday’s workload by taking a chic massage.

Massage Rooms-Google Campus USA


Laundry Service – You can also give your clothes for laundry inside the Google Campus

12 Mobile Laundry Service


Japanese Toilets – Here is a legendary toilet. The seats are heated, & the control on the side lets you…um, how to put this delicately [maybe you wanna skip to the pictures straight]

Japanese Spaced Toilets -Google Campus

It also lets you control the water pressure and temperature.

Japanese Spaced Toilets -Google Campus


And Our Favorite



Automatic car drive: No need to drive the car at all. Google Self Driving car drives itself without the driver touching the steering wheel. Along with the bicycles,one can roam around in this car too.

Google Self Driving Car

Google Self Driving Car


So, Let us know your views on this amazing Google Campus in the comments below.. 🙂