Gujarat Police Will Now Chase Robbers On Harley Davidson

1. Gujarat Police has bought a fleet of Harley-Davidson motorbikes. The ‘Street 750’ and ‘Superlow’ variants will be used by the Gujarat Police for the 1st time in India.

Gujarat Police-Harley Davidson


2. These Harley-Davidson superbikes costs around 7-14 Lakhs each.

Gujarat Police-Harley Davidson


3. The Bikes also have a wireless communicator along with a Siren and a warning light.

Gujarat Police-Harley Davidson-3

4. Whether these Superbikes are for escorting and piloting of VIP convoys or not, this is surely a big step by the Modi government towards making India a developed country.

Gujarat Police-Harley Davidson-4

Beware criminals, the Gujarat police is coming to get you.