How People Judge You As Soon As They Get To Know You Are A Gujarati!

Being a ‘Gujju’ is never easy and be it wherever you go America or Antarctica, people will always judge and stereotype you as soon as they get to know you’re a Gujarati. Here are 13 such instances of the renowned stereotyping,


1. Oh, you’re from Gujarat! That means Ahmedabad, right?

Haan. Pura Gujarat Ahemdabad he hai. Just like whole of Maharashtra is just Mumbai and whole of Bihar is just Patna.



2. So you must be a Garba king/queen because you are a Gujju.

Haan, hum sabhi hrithik roshan hai.

Garba-Ranveer Singh


3. Everyone must be Bhai/Ben for you.

Adding bhai/ben to a name doesn’t make us or you real Brother or Sister. It is a form of giving respect by Gujaratis.



4. I know you’re a Gujju so your family should marry you off really soon, huh..

Haan haan, tamne toh badhu khabar che..

Child Marriage


5. You must be a Narendra Modi devotee if you are a Gujarati.

Are you a Sharad Pawar devotee if you are a Mahashtrian or a Manmohan Singh fan if you are a Punjabi?

Narendra Modi


6. So you eat Thepla everyday in your meal, don’t you?

Yes, even my blood smells of thepla.



7. You must be a Kanjoos because every Gujju is known to be.

Ya and I eat the makkhi from my chaai too.



8. Your daddy must be a big business man.

Yeah, my dad has a special bedroom full of money.



9. How big is your mansion?

Its so so so big that I have still not seen all the rooms. Sometimes I get lost inside for days.


Source: excella-worldwide


10. Oh, you must be so fluent in Gujarati. Your English and Hindi must be horrible!

Goodmorning. Wake up! We are not in 1960’s. Welcome to 2015.

KemchoSource: memsaab


11. So your surname must either be Patel or Shah, right?

Are you serious?



12. Gujjus don’t drink, right?

Kyu, kya hum adivasi hai?



13. All Gujjus love America and are dying to get a Green Card. Right?

Frankly it’s our way to bring foreign money into India. Kamao America ma and Udaao India ma!



Bhaisaab, AME TOH AAVAJ CHE..!