Sarvjeet Vs Jasleen Kaur. Here Is What Actually Happened. Now Decide Yourself!

Sarvjeet Vs Jasleen Kaur. Here Is What Actually Happened. Now Decide Yourself!

She made a police complaint and a facebook post which went viral in India. He lost his job and his confidence. Here is the story of the most sensational fight between Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh.


Jasleen Kaur wrote a facebook post accusing Sarvjeet Singh of molestation.

fb post Jasleen Kaur caseSource: facebook


Sarvjeet Singh was arrested by the police soon after the fb post went viral. But Sarvjeet refused all allegations against him.

Sarvjeet Singh Jasleen KaurSource: kapilsharmafc


The twist came when it was revealed that Jasleen was an AAP volunteer.

Arvind Kejriwal-Jasleen KaurSource: Veritenews


And the biggest twist came when an eye witness came forward and supported Sarvjeet.


And Then Sarvjeet caught Jasleen on live television by asking her a simple question.


Bollywood superstar Sonakshi Sinha apologized to Sarvjeet Singh for blaming him in her tweet.


By this time, supporters of Sarvjeet decided to take out a rally in his support. And then Sarvjeet came out with this gem.

Source: youtube


While most people have come out in support of the girl, others are firmly behind the boy after hearing his story. Even the eye witness has come out in support of Sarvjeet. After hearing out both the sides, what do you think is the truth? Who is telling the truth? Do you support the girl or do you believe Sarvjeet?

Now you decide who is wrong and who is right.
He argued… She argued… . . . .
He shouted… She shouted… . . . . ..and then she cried…… . . . .
Result: She won by Duck-worth-Lewis method !!‪