Here Is Why The Army, Navy & Airforce Salute In Different Manners.

Here Is Why The Army, Navy & Airforce Salute In Different Manners.

Have you ever seen the Republic Day parade?

Republic Day Parade India

The military parade is one the highlights of the day. This is the day when the personnel of the three defence wings, that is, army, air force and navy greet each other by a salute. But if you look closely, you will notice that the way of rendering their salute is not the same.

This is clearly visible when the three chiefs salute at the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ at India Gate, Delhi. Ever wondered why? We bring to you the exact reason for this culture of the defence forces.



Method:- The salute rendered by an army man will be with open palms facing the person being saluted.

Reason:- The salute is rendered this way to show that they are carrying no weapons and that the other person can trust them.

Indian Army Salute



Method:- Earlier the salute of air force was just like that of the army with palm facing up but it evolved into what we see now. The salute of Air Force personnel will be at 45° from the ground.

Reason:- The salute is done at 45° from the ground showing the progress to the skies. It is like fulfilling their motto of ‘Touching the sky with glory’.

Indian Air Force



Method:- The salute in navy is with the palm facing down. It has a very old cultural origin.

Reason:- Way back in the medieval times the ships were more of hand operated and the sailors kept working on operating these ships. Due to operating levers and other machinery their hands would get all greasy and extremely dirty so they saluted with palm facing down to show respect to their senior.

Indian Navy


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