Hongkong Billionaire Is Offering $180,000,000 To Any Man Who Wants To Marry Her Daughter, Its Just Too Much.

Hongkong Billionaire daughter-1

Well this looks like a clear business deal and the business tycoon Cecil Chao is ready to shed the hefty amount of $180,000,000 for the one who marries his daughter.

Meet Cecil Chao, the Chinese tycoon who made a fortune after establishing the company, Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd a huge real estate conglomerate which focuses on the development of luxury high rises and high-end properties in Hong Kong. By the way, he has slept with more than 10000 women, he claims.

Hongkong billionaire


His daughter ‘Gigi Chao’ is a Lesbian and the guy who can convert her into a straight girl and convince her to marry will get this huge amount as a gift.

Hongkong Billionaire daughter-1


But hey, she is already in love with a girl. Meet her girlfriend with whom she is in love.

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This is what she had to say about her father’s offer.

“Since Dad thinks it’s so easy for me to switch [her orientation], I should just leave it for him to demonstrate. I think I’ll marry a man when he marries a man.”

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I am already thinking of a vacation in her fancy yatch. So who’s up for the challenge? May the best guy (or girl) win !