How To Make A Successful TV Serial

Balika Vadhu

There’s a lot in common among most Hindi serials. There are a certain important things that make a daily soap in India. If you have these 12 essential things, well guess what? Even you can make your own daily soap.

1) First of all you need a house with a big living room as all the drama takes place over there.

Big House TV serial set


2) Now that you have such a big house you need people to fill it up with, gather all the people you can find and put them in the house.

Kyunki Family


3) Crying- this is more important than acting, if you are good at crying you should act (read cry) in Hindi serials.

Because in sadness and happiness, in good health or pain you need to cry.



4) Now you need a woman with very heavy make-up, she will be the vamp who hates the main lead for no apparent reason.

Vamp Tv serial


5) City Hospital- This is the only hospital that exists in serials. All the actors are so familiar with it that at times they don’t even ask ‘which hospital?’ they just land there.

City Hospital

6) Since you have such a big house you are definitely rich and some goons will try to kidnap the kids but wait! You just don’t use any car for kidnapping. You only and only need an Omni for that.

Kidnapping Tv Serial


7) There’s a really big office from where all the hundreds and crores of rupees come but it isn’t necessary to go to office every day. It somehow manages to run on its own.

Tv serial office


8) The single women in the serial somehow forget their values and end up getting pregnant.

Tv serial pregnant


9) And the poor married ones cannot conceive.

Tv serial pregnant


10) Dropping sindoor–> Upshagun–>Husband Hospitalised

Sindoor Tv serial


11) Each reaction, small or big should be shown thrice.



12) Celebrate each and every damn festival, and remember celebrate it when everyone’s done with it. Almost a month later or whenever you fell like celebrating.

indian-television-drama festivals


See, its so easy to make a HIT Tv Serial. He he he !