IIT & IHM Graduates Open Chai Thela – A Tea Joint For The Chai Lovers

“Tea! Bless Ordinary Everyday Afternoon tea”


I sipped as well as nodded… thinking! A very ordinary idea served in a very extra ordinary way- Chai Thela opened in Noida by two Tea-loving friends has able to strike the right chords and make a fantastic debut in this city of Uttar Pradesh.

Chai Thela-2


The two friends from IIT & IHM (though we seriously believe brands don’t matter, attitude does!) Pankaj & Nitin ideated this concept – a small open cafeteria with a large menu of drinks and delicacies.


This place is a perfect hangout if you love tea, (and ofcourse if you are staying in or about Noida haha!).

Wait a minute – the menu has a lot of options even for non tea lovers and they are determined to expand. So you can drop in letters and emails to this young couple and who knows they might consider setting up their cafe near you.

Chai Thela


I sat on their white teapot shaped chair while my friend waited in the queue to place the order – oh yes! There was a long queue of excited people.



What was I waiting for? Well, I spent a long time looking at the menu admiring at their enormous options in tea.

From special masala kullhad chai, to adrak tulsi chai to green tea for health conscious people, they have 30 varieties of tea.



For the non tea lovers they have coolers and drinks. And for the foodies the menu has an extensive range of sandwiches, Maggie, momos, pasta – their teensy pinch would hardly be registered by your pocket.

Chai Thela-1


I smiled at their sense of humour when I saw ‘Namo Tea’ and ‘Aam Aadmi Chai’ on the menu. It sure would be fun to imagine Narendra Modi coming into the cafe and ordering for a ‘Namo Tea’ – our best wishes to Chai Thela and hope you guys make that possible. (Cheers)