This Independence Day Video By OYO Rooms Will Change Your Definition Of FREEDOM!

Have you ever speculated what life would be like if India had never won her freedom? The British would still have their claws in us and our lives will be as miserable as that of in the 1940’s. It’s hard to accept because we know that we will be treated like secondary citizens right in our mother land. We will not be respected nor even acknowledged. We might have to bow down to the British, come what may!

Yes’ it’s hard to digest and will make you feel glad that we won our Independence isn’t it?

This video starring Raveena Tandon and Manoj Bajpayee will make you feel indebted to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for us. It is because of them that we are able to live as we please now.

Directed by Vinay Jaiswal, this short film will re-frame your definition of freedom! The story line is all about a middle-class married couple and their dinner plans for the day.

Can you guess what happens next?

Well, Well you got to see it to believe it!

Happy Independence Day !!!


P.S After watching this short-film I am so glad that we never saw the day where a ‘Indians and dogs not allowed’ sign would hang at a restaurant’s entrance right in India.

OYO Rooms Independence Day - JAI HIND - #Azaadi4Me