India Launches Its First Ever Bike-Ambulance In Karnataka

How many times do we have to wait endlessly for an ambulance to arrive in-case of an emergency? Some people also do not give way to ambulances and thus cause them to get delayed. But now all your medical help will be attended in less than 15min on two-wheelers.

The Karnataka government has launched motorbike ambulances to help paramedics reach the patients faster.

“All the required advanced equipment like medicines, oxygen cylinder, cervical collar, splint, dressing materials and emergency drugs is available on the bike ambulance.”

The state Health Ministry will place 21 bikes in different accident hotspots in Bengaluru and 10 bikes will be launched in other districts. If there is an emergency, then they will check if there is traffic congestion in that area, and if so, then they will send these Bike ambulance to the spot.

Looks like life-saving treatment can begin even if the regular ambulance is stuck in Bengaluru’s notorious traffic. Wise-move indeed.

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